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Art is not static. It speaks to us and informs how we live, relate, work and play. Our tours dive into the meaning of the art you see to discover a different perspective and connect that thinking to your own life.


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Claudia was full of infectious passion, enthusiasm and wit. The tour was fun, informative and eye opening. Her charm and charisma won us all over, and the way she tied the pieces with lived experience that we could all relate to, was very powerful.
— BEN R.
One of the most impressive introductions to modern art I have ever experienced.
— Tim Bonnet, President, The Unlimited Group
Thanks to Claudia, our daughter (10) now is looking forward to museums- and art exhibitions, knowing it can be a great thrill! Claudia made her feel like a princess with a brain!
— Ingela, Per and Selma
— Lauren C., Chanel



Claudia has an enthusiastic, fun and quirky style for making works of art tell their stories in a uniquely engaging way. At MoMA’s Education Department in New York, Claudia worked on a study on improving children’s cognitive skills through art. Also in New York she worked as a guide at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

She is a visiting lecturer at the Corporate State University Baden-Württemberg, Germany, where she runs workshops and lectures on Art & Business, Creativity and Innovation. Since arriving in London in 2013 she has been working for Tate Modern, Tate Britain, the London Design Museum and did also public tours for the National Gallery. Her corporate clients include Deutsche Bank, Credit Swiss, BMW, Mercedes, Allianz, EY, LEGO, Stanford Business School, Cartier and many others. 

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About Me

MY NAME IS Claudia

I’m a spirited, interdisciplinary thinker. An inquisitive neophile, keen on taking the customary out of its context and creating the unexpected.

I have a M.A. in Early Christian, Byzantine, Modern and Contemporary History of Art, studied at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich, in Germany.